Virgin River Season 5: (2023) Release soon on the OTT Platform

The release date of Virgin River Season 5 is expected to be released soon in the middle of the year 2023. This is an American romance drama series that has been released on Netflix.

The previous seasons (3 & 4) finished on November 30, 2022. As the fifth season is going to take you through a different entertainment romance.

Virgin River Season 5: Starcast

Here you get the information about the upcoming story (Virgin River Season 5). The main character is Melinda Munroe who works as a nurse. The continuing journey of Mel Monroe and Jack Sheridan’s struggle is shown in this season.

The role of Melinda Mel Monroe is played by Alexandra Brackenridge. As it the role of Jack Sheridan is played by Martin Henderson.

According to the information the roles of Ricky and Lishy will be played by Grayson Guernsey and Sarah Diggle. The role of Young Mel is played by Emma Oliver. 

Related to episodes of the series

According to the news, we have received no confirmation regarding season 5 episodes but the previous three seasons of this series (1,2&3) have 10 episodes each. So in the new season expected either 10 or 12 episodes can appear in this season.

Virgin River 5: Direction 

This series is directed by Tim Matheson and the trailer is per the novel Virgin River by Robin Carr. The returning directors who directing episodes are Monika Mitchell, Martin Wood, and Andy Mikita. Gail Harvey is expected to return as a director this season.

Felipe Rodriguez and Hem Garrad are debut directors directing episodes in season 5. Both have worked on many shows such as Hudson and Rex, Blood and water, Wynonna Earp, and Charmed respectively. 

Virgin River Season 5: New star cast

As per the information, Sue Tenney is being replaced by Patrick Sean Smith as the new showrunner. He is known for working on The CW’s Supernatural, ABC Family‘s Chasing Life, and the most recent episode Jolene written by him on Netflix.

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