Shahid Kapoor gets candid about Jab We Met

Shahid Kapoor and Kareena Kapoor Khan’s Jab We Met are still etched in people’s minds, especially the song. Find out what the precursor says!

About Jab We Met Movie

Shahid Kapoor and Kareena Kapoor starrer Jab We Met is an evergreen romantic film. Who has left a deep impression on the hearts of the people? It is still considered one of the iconic films of Bollywood and its characters are still impressed in people’s minds.

Kareena’s song became an inspiration to many for the way she expressed self-love. It also returns to the grumpy and pessimistic Aditya in the film. In a recent interview, Shahid Kapoor also talked about his famous film.

Details of Jab We Met Movie

Let us tell you that Shahid Kapoor and Kareena’s film was directed by Imtiaz Ali and declared in 2007. At the time of the film, the duo reportedly broke up and the film turned out to be one of their most successful films. The movie was re-released this year after sixteen years on the occasion of Valentine’s Day and is still running fortunately. Now, let us find out what Shahid Kapoor had to say about his co-star Kareena and what conclusions he drew from working with her.

Shahid Kapoor
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In this era of remakes, surely fans would like to know whether their favorite film will be remade or not. Most importantly, who will play the lead? The leads are still fresh like a daisy in the minds of the audience.

Shahid Kapoor’s  reply to this recently in an interview:

Shahid Kapoor gave a befitting reply to this recently in an interview given to Siddharth Kanan. When host Kanan asked him who could play the lead if Jab We Met was remade, Shahid replied, “I can’t comment on my role, but for the song, I really doubt that anyone will be there.” And would be able to do that kind of justice.”

I think we can all grant that Kareena Kapoor Khan from Jab We Met is priceless. There is no one else who could or could have played the song the way he did.

Similarly, she talked about the magic of Imtiaz Ali, and how he made the film so relatable. How she feels there has never been a love story like this one. He also called the film his DDLJ and said, “It’s iconic.”

Shahid Kapoor about the sequel of the film

Meanwhile, Shahid Kapoor also talked about the sequel of the film and whether it is a possibility or not. Shahid Kapoor said, “It really depends on the standard of that script.

So if there’s a script that calls for a sequel, and I think it’s the kind of script that you read and say, ‘Man this has got to be better than the original, it can match the original,’ I Will do it, but if I find it’s not and I’m just trying to use the brand value of the original thing I think ‘why are you doing it, don’t do it’.

Kareena Kapoor Khan’s role

Kareena Kapoor Khan played the role of Geet in Jab We Met. She played the character of a bubbly girl who, like many, chooses the wrong guy and eventually, finds the right one. His character was always iconic but the film is in even greater focus now because of the two leads. He believes that no one could have played the song better than Kareena and agrees with her over the years and even today.

Shahid Kapoor’s role

Shahid Kapoor played the character of Aditya Kashyap in the film. Aditya is the son of a rich businessman who is unhappy in life. That’s when he meets Geet and she shows him what life can be like if he just learns to smile.

At the end of the film, Geet realizes that she is with the wrong man and marries Aditya. He also has children. However, the film ended there. Many hope that this film will get a sequel.

On asking Shahid if he would be a part of the sequel if ever made, he says that if the sequel either matches or is better than the original. Otherwise, he would have rejected the script, the actor confirmed in his chat.


Shahid Kapoor is in news not only for Jab We Met but also for his debut web series Farzi. The show is being directed by The Family Man producers Raj and DK. Shahid Kapoor has been trending lately for two reasons – his OTT debut in Farzi being well received and his 2007 film, Jab We Met With Kareena Kapoor Khan to mark Valentine’s Day after more than 16 years Re-released in cinema halls of Mumbai. The surprising thing is that the two theaters where it is running, the film is packed.


Is Jab We Met a good movie?

Jab We Met was a really good film that tried to present a beautiful love story between Geet and Adi. Jab We Met turned out to be a film that changed the way people fall in love in a real sense.

Are Shahid and Kareena friends?

However, despite dating for a long time, they parted ways due to personal reasons, and are not considered best friends as per reports.





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