Rangbaaz: Dar ki rajneeti: Review, Story, and more

Rangbaaz chronicles the rise and fall of gangster-turned-politician Haroon Shah Ali Baig, also known as Saheb. who was both respected and despised in Bihar.

The third season traces the journey of Haroon Shah Ali Baig (Vineet Kumar Singh), a man from a small town in Bihar, who has become one of the most influential and powerful men in the country. He followed in the footsteps of Robin Hood – as he gained power and wealth through exploitation, he chose to help the needy.

Story of Rangbaaz

Vineet Kumar Singh and Akanksha Singh, stars of Zee5’s Rangbaaz: Darr Ki Raajneeti, talk about the show, shooting during the pandemic, and the legacy of Gangs Of Wasseypur.

The third installment of the crime drama Rangbaaz web series is all set to stream on ZEE5 from 29th July. The new season, titled Rangbaaz: Darr Ki Raajneeti, stars Vineet Kumar Singh and Akanksha Singh and tells the story of a gangster-turned-politician from Bihar. Both the actors chatted with Hindustan Times ahead of the show’s release, discussing the plot, similarities with real people and events, and shooting during the pandemic.

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In the show, Vineet acts as a gangster-turned-politician named Haroon Shah Ali Baig. The character’s appearance and demeanor as well as the mention of Siwan in the show’s trailer have led many to conclude that the character is based on the late strongman-turned-politician Mohammad Shahabuddin, who was the MP from Siwan. However, Vineet says that there is no relation. “It’s set in a fictional place.

Yes, there are moments when you can feel that it is similar to something. But this world that we have created is completely imaginary. It has nothing to do with anyone. We’re just trying to tell a good story. It’s an entertaining story but it has nothing to do with a real person.”

Akanksha about Rangbaaz

The Rangbaaz enters a streaming ecosystem much more densely populated than gangster dramas. But Akanksha feels the show has a lot to set it apart. She says, ‘People like to watch different content. The background may be the same whether it is a political drama or a gangster story. But Rangbaaz is much more than that.

When the character of Sana came to me, I was sure that I wanted to do it as it was something concrete as well as very powerful. Then again, it is a hit franchise, so in that sense, you trust the makers not to be wrong.

Review of Rangbaaz

Two seasons of Rangbaaz have already set an example. Now in its third season, helmed by Navdeep Singh, is a political drama centered around Haroon Shah Ali Baig (Vineet Kumar Singh). And charts his rise from a small town Does it to become one of the most powerful and strong men in the state of Bihar. Was it love or fear that drove them to such heights? But everything that flies high comes crashing down in the end, and this six-part series taking an in-depth look at Baig’s life journey makes for an interesting watch.

This season of Sachin Pathak’s fictional show is based on former politician Mohammad Shahabuddin, who served as the MP of Siwan. Like its previous season starring Saqib Saleem and Jimmy Shergill, the series revolves around another powerful character and his power play.

Based on true events, the series is not fast-paced; Rather, the story takes its own sweet time in presenting it to the audience, but the events of the protagonist’s life keep you hooked for most of the time. It is not a suitable drama for fans of violence as it is more about planning and planning than action.


Siddharth Mishra’s screenplay traces the story from 1988 when Haroon and his friend Dipesh aka Deepu (Soham Majumdar) were young, to 2010 when Haroon becomes a saheb to the townspeople and their strong friendship is put to the test Hui’s different approach.

All this happens against the backdrop of a political rivalry between two political leaders, Lakhan Rai (Vijay Maurya) and Mukul Kumar (Rajesh Tailang), who play a key role in changing the situation. But, unfortunately, every turn in the plot is predictable.

This is not Vineet Kumar Singh’s first appearance in a gangster drama, he already made a mark in Anurag Kashyap’s classic ‘Gangs of Wasseypur’. He perfectly portrays Saheb, a gray character. Minutes into the series, we know that he is neither good nor bad; For some, he is a messiah, while for others, he uses force and violence to achieve his goals.

As this story is about Baig, his character arc is well-written which creates a connection with the audience. Soham Majumdar portrays the friend-turned-brother Dipesh admirably. Sana, played by Akanksha Singh, is Haroon’s wife and the show’s moral compass. Geetanjali Kulkarni as Deepu’s mother and Prashant Narayanan as constable Raghav Kumar have played their roles well.


What is Rangbaaz based on?

Rangbaaz: The Politics of Fear Season 3 will premiere on 29th July 2022 on ZEE5 starring Vineet Kumar Singh and Akanksha Singh. The story of the lead character is believed to be based on gangster-turned-politician Mohammad Shahabuddin.

Who is Deepu in Rangbaaz?

Soham Majumdar portrays the friend-turned-brother Dipesh admirably. Sana, played by Akanksha Singh, is Haroon’s wife and the show’s moral compass. Geetanjali Kulkarni as Deepu’s mother and Prashant Narayanan as constable Raghav Kumar have played their roles well.

Which web series is based on Shahabuddin?

Actress Akanksha Singh will be seen playing the role of Hina Shahab, wife of convicted gangster-turned-politician Mohammad Shahabuddin in the upcoming web series ‘Rangbaaz’.

Are Rangbaaz 1 and 2 related?

Rangbaaz Season 1, which was released on December 21, 2018, was motivated by the life of Mr. Prakash Shukla, a notorious gang leader from Gorakhpur, Uttar Pradesh. The other season was based on Amarpal Singh, a criminal from Rajasthan. It came out on December 20, 2019.


Despite its serious concept, which revolves around politics in Bihar, the episodes of ‘Rangbaaz – Darr Ki Raajneeti’ are tense, and the short running time of the show makes it a binge-watching show. However, if you enjoy violent gangster dramas, this one might disappoint you on multiple levels.






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