How to Dress Like Rekha, the Timeless Beauty of Indian Cinema

Rekha, a versatile performer and fashion queen, has conquered Indian cinema with her skill of constant reinvention. And her fashion choices reflect that growth. In this, we will discuss how to dress like Rekha, the timeless beauty of Indian Cinema.

While most people identify “Rekha” with expensive gold Kanjeevaram sarees, the Bollywood queen has a lot more to offer in terms of fashion inspiration. We look back at some of her most memorable style moments and tell you how to incorporate those aspects into your wedding decor.

Golden girl

The Kanjeevaram saree, and sarees in any shade of metallic gold, have long been associated with Bollywood divas and have been referred to as the “Rekha look” which is the timeless beauty of Indian Cinema. This classic style, often channeled by artists like Vidya Balan and Kangana Ranaut, has proven to be a party pleaser for as long as we can remember. You have the option of sticking to the traditional silk version or modernizing it by experimenting with other fabrics. Trust us when we say — it consistently works!

How to Dress Like Rekha, the Timeless Beauty of Indian Cinema

 Statement jewelry to Dress Like Rekha

Rekha has always had a thing for statement jewelry, be it temple necklaces or more practical everyday jewelry. However, one item became synonymous with her look after the 1981 film Umrao Jaan: The Dice. It is a more refined relative of the maang tikka and will be an excellent complement to your wedding day jewelry.

Arm candy


Rekha’s potli bag is as much a part of her outfit as her prized silk sarees. You’re not likely to see her in public without one on. Potlis are easily the Indian equivalent of stylish bucket bags, and they are the ideal accessory for a wedding. Fashionable as well as practical!

Bold beauty

While she must have tried all kinds of hair and makeup looks, there is something about red lipstick that instantly reminds us of Rekha. Take inspiration from the legend and choose a bold red pout for your wedding day. You can channel a Bollywood star by wearing a red rose in your hair or wearing a timeless gajra.

FAQs About the Timeless Beauty of Indian Cinema

What can we wear on a Bollywood theme?

You can try many looks from old Bollywood movies. From a beautiful orange saree to a cabaret look, you have a lot of options to choose from when it comes to Bollywood theme party dresses. Also, don’t forget to add feathers to your dress and hair. The style is perfect for Bollywood theme party dress ideas for women and men.

What is the Bollywood dress code?

A Bollywood party imitates the costumes worn by Bollywood actors and actresses. This party is usually full of bright colors and exotic clothes. If you are invited to your first Bollywood party and are not sure what to wear, then wearing a saree is the easiest thing to do.

What are Bollywood colors?

Dazzling jewel tones of purple, red, and pink that add a stylish yet sizzling hot side, or choose an earthy palette of spice browns, tans, and oranges, Bollywood colors transform and transcend all.

Who is the style icon of Bollywood?

Rekha is the quintessential Bollywood legend. Her beauty and style have been enthralling the audience for decades. She has aged very gracefully and looks resplendent. She generally looks very traditional.


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