Guardians of The Galaxy Vol.3

 The Guardians of The Galaxy has been filled with laughter, emotions, action, and heart-wrenching moments. While the fans eagerly wait for the return of their heroes. So the next volume of this series is not to be different.

Guardians of The Galaxy: Characters

The characters in the series according to the current story are the likelihood of being killed off in the Guardians of Galaxy Vol.3.

The higher-ranked characters in the series like Kraglin and Rocket are considered likely to die in the movie. The name and list of characters are given below:

Gamora: She is the central character of the story and has been ranked 10th on the list because in the movie she will be killed off by a third party.

Star-Lord: he is the main character of the Guardians Franchise, also known as Peter Quill. This role is played by Chris Pratt who is known for his quick wit and humor. He is the leader of the cosmic team. His death has an impact on the rest of the characters.

Adam Warlock: This is a powerful character and has been teased in the previous Marvel Cinematic Universe. His character is to control the soul gem which is one of the infinity stones.

Nebula:  She played a significant role in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Even with their popularity and importance, she will be killed off in the Guardians of Galaxy Vol.3.

She has a history of villains and has been involved in some dangerous missions and her death will make the end of her character.

Groot: He is like a tree creature. Although he is famous for his loveable personality. Groot has been a central figure in the movie but his death would be a turning point in the story.

Drax:  He is one of the beloved characters in the film. Drax’s death also proves a turning point in the Guardians of The Galaxy Vol.3. His death will be a reminder of the stakes in the movie.

Mantis:  She is Peter Quill’s sister and a telepathic insectoid. She is relatively a new character.

Rocket:  Rocket is a Raccoon and the most lovable creature. He is a fan-favorite character because of his quick wit and sharp tongue which always provides comic relief in the movie.

Kraglin: This character is played by Sean Gunn. Previously, he played a minor role but now he may have a more prominent character in the movie. He may find himself in such situations where he has to make a sacrifice.

The High Evolutionary: He is one of the villains in the movie.

The High Evolutionary meets his end in the film.

The Marvel Cinematic Universe is famous for killing off its characters. So in the upcoming movie, this is guaranteed that with the return of old enemies and the new threats some of the favorite guardians will be killed off.

FAQs Related to The Guardians of The Galaxy

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According to the list, this is very clear that this movie is filled with full of laughter, action, and new threats.

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