Big Boss 16 winner MC Stan on defeating ‘Brother’ Shiv Thakare

Big Boss 16 winner MC Stan on his ‘unexpected win’, slams best friend Shiv Thackeray and trolls who called him ‘undeserving’ of the trophy.

About Big Boss 16 winner 

After about four months, Big Boss 16 has got its winner in the form of MC Stan. The underground rapper defeated Shiv Thakare and Priyanka Chahar Chowdhury to take home the prize money of Rs 31.8 lakh and a car as a trophy. Moments after being announced as the winner, the rapper spoke exclusively and shared that he never expected to win the show.

“I guess I don’t have enough words to describe what I’m feeling today. It is a very different feeling. Both Shiv and I were in a different zone, and Salman Khan sir was having fun with us, the last till the moment, we didn’t know what would happen. Honestly, throughout my life, I have seen unexpected things in my life but this is another level thing,” shared Stan with a smile.

MC Stan’s Experience with Big Boss

The rapper also spoke about how the show gave him a totally new experience and taught him the art of saying no. Sharing that when his acquaintances came to him to borrow money, even when he had no money, he would go ahead and lend them. 

Big Boss 16 winner MC Stan on defeating 'Brother' Shiv Thakare
Big Boss 16 winner MC Stan on defeating ‘Brother’ Shiv Thakare

Beyond that, I feel like I’ve grown as a person, and most of all, I’ve understood how to say no. I didn’t know how to say no. In the past, I would put myself in difficult situations to help others. But this show has taught me to say no, which is very important.”

MC Stan has shown a different side of himself over the past few weeks,

voicing his opinion and even entertaining fans with his witty one-liners. Thus we asked if he wished he could play the game from the start.

Stan agreed, saying that he now regrets not ‘getting’ the show earlier. “I think like this… had to understand first. But our journey was very rough. To keep the journey filled in the jar.

Talking about losing to his bestie, his brother Shiv Thakare, the rapper said that it hurt a bit’. “I know it was his dream, so I felt a little bad. Shiva is a brother and I think it was only a matter of a few votes that I won. However, I must add that we wanted either of us to win and thus make us both happy.

While his fans are happy with his big win, a section of the audience has termed his victory as ‘unfair’. Responding to trolls who called him an undeserving winner, MC Stan said, “I honestly don’t care for him, I don’t care mama. I really like people who are jealous.

It is a very natural feeling in a human being. Just need to accept that it was not for them. Like most fans, I am shocked, but I think I deserved the win,” the rapper signed off.

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